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The current GMT920 full-size SUVs from General Motors are very likely to be the last of their kind from the Detroit automaker. Even though new fuel economy standards give the big trucks a break based on their footprint, radical changes are likely for the next-generation models. A fully-equipped Tahoe is well over 5,500lbs and a big part of reducing fuel consumption in the next few years will be weight reduction. One step in that direction will be a shift from the body on frame designs these vehi

Following on the heels of BMW and their Efficient Dynamics initiative, Audi seems ready to mimic their Bavarian rival. With some sort of mandatory European CO2 limits almost certain to be passed, almost all manufacturers who do business on the continent will have to do something. Audi has already shown their hybrid system on the A4 drivetrain at the Detroit Auto Show, in addition to the Q7 hybrid that is coming. On top of that, they are developing simpler automatic start-stop systems and working

One of the things driving the ever-increasing weight of new vehicles is all the power accessories that we have. We now have power windows, power locks, power seats, power adjustable mirrors and on and on. Every one of those accessories requires an electrical actuator of some kind to operate and all those actuators add up to a lot of weight. Supplier Robert Bosch has introduced new electric drive actuators with twenty percent less weight and quieter operation than the previous generation. If new

Civilian Hummers are the bane of environmentalists everywhere, but long before poseurs decided that they wanted to look tougher than everyone else, the military HUMVEE was born. The HUMVEE was originally conceived as a general purpose utility vehicle to replace the Jeep. Over the years it evolved to take on more roles just as the combat environments they operate in also evolved. One particular example of the environment changing is the improvised explosive device that has killed so many people i