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Ford Ranger, UK Mustang, Hyundai Hybrid | Autoblog Minute

Ford may bring the Ranger back to the US, the UK goes nuts over Mustang, and the battle of hybrids heats up with spy shots of Prius and a new Hyundai. Autoblog senior editor Greg Migliore reports on highlights from the week in automotive news.

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Focus ST Tuner, Traffic Deaths, Audi EV SUV | Autoblog Mintue

Autoblog senior editor Greg Migliore gives the highlights from the week in automotive news.

Weekly Recap: Will 'smaller is smarter' strategy work for 2015 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon?

Plus: Ferrari Celebrates 60; Ariel Upgrades The Atom; And The Abarth Factory Opens Its Doors Virtually

"For this customer, smaller is smarter. " – Rich Latek.

Weekly Recap: Auto execs face life in prison for recall delays under proposed legislation

Plus: Notes On The Cadillac LTS, GM Midsize Trucks And Bentley SUV

The stiff punishments are part of broader transportation legislation, but clearly McCaskill has automakers in her sights.

Weekly Recap: The divergent paths of Tesla and Fisker

Plus: Notes on the Chevy Volt, German crossovers and the Jaguar XE

There's no doubt that Tesla is downshifting while Fisker has been grinding its gears. But it wasn't always that way.

Weekly Recap: New bosses try to jump-start Cadillac and Lincoln

Plus: Notes On Aston, Nissan And Another Hellcat

Both of America's domestic luxury brands seem to be stuck in neutral.