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A good number of people may think they are getting a great deal on their cell phone service until they look at how many of the 1,400 or 2,000 (or more) minutes a month from their plan they actually use. If you only use 50 minutes of a 1,400 minute plan it can work out to a steep $1.60 per minute, depending on the particular plan's cost. The moral: Whenever you buy in bulk, take care not to over-buy.

Car sharing companies like ZipCar may soon be getting some new competition from traditional car rental companies. Enterprise Rent-a-Car will be publicly launching a car sharing service next week in St. Louis. The WeCar service actually started in a private phase last month on the Washington University campus. The WeCar program will require a $35 annual membership and rental fees will run $10/hour and $30 for overnight drives. Gas, insurance and up to 200 miles per day are included in the rental