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The cooling system of a vehicle’s engine is designed to perform two functions.

Water pump pulleys are designed to be driven by a drive belt or serpentine belt.

Vehicles are required to have belts to drive the water pump and accessories.

The water pump is a part of your vehicle with an important role in the engine's cooling system.

Your car uses coolant for a number of purposes.

There are a variety of components that make up the cooling system of a car.

The pulleys and drive belts on a car help to ensure that everything is getting the power it needs.

The engine in your car produces a lot of heat, which means that the cooling system in your car will need to do its job to keep it from overheating.

Whether you have a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle, your primary source of keeping the engine cool is a fully functioning coolant system.

Many of today's modern cars utilize a standard water pump to keep their engines at a consistent operating temperature.

In order to run cool on those hot summer days, your engine needs to have a consistent flow of coolant supplied from the radiator throughout the engine.

In order to maintain a consistent and safe operating temperature, your vehicle utilizes a coolant system that circulates coolant from the radiator, through the engine block, to a heater core and back to the radiator.

When your car is running it's important that it maintains the proper temperature, which is why the water pump is so important.

Have you ever considered the thousands of times explosions occur in your engine? If you're like most people, that thought never enters your mind.