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Report: Ratan Tata pours $15M into project researching water as fuel

The lure of extracting hydrogen from water in a somewhat real-time fashion in sufficient quantities to power an automobile has so far been a complete dead-end pursuit. One of the biggest problems is that it takes more energy to release the hydrogen from its water-tight bonds than is actually returned by the resulting hydrogen.

FTC cracks down on Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell scam

Turn any vehicle into a hybrid with one quick and (relatively... it costs over a grand) inexpensive device? Fuel efficiency increases of 50 percent or more? Count us in! Well, maybe not. The Federal Trade Commission has taken legal action against Dutchman Enterprises LLC and United Community Services of America Inc., makers of the Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell. This product claims to use "water gas" and "longstanding, proven technologies" to offer "incredibl

Hydrogen Hybrid Corp finishes testing on semi trucks, makes unbelievable claims

We're not sure how many companies there are that are producing or testing on-demand hydrogen systems, but we're getting rather accustomed to seeing new ones nearly every single day, each one touting radical and impressive-sounding fuel mileage and emissions improvements. The latest comes from Hydrogen Hybrid Corp, which claims to have finished testing its $8,995 8X Mega Fuel Cell System on a Class 8 semi truck equipped with a Series 60 Detroit 14L diesel engine.