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Top Gear Australia 2: Back with a vengeance(?)

Top Gear's planned takeover of the world hasn't been going as well as scripted, and it's not because the Poles or the French actually put up a fight this time. The American series got axed before it even began, and the Australian version has turned out to be a big disappointment. But the producers at SBS, the Aussie version of the BBC, are keen to turn a new leaf and start over again. They've replaced lead host Charlie Cox with James Morrison, a locally revered musician (no relation to

Top Gear Australia replacing Charlie Cox?

Anyone who's been watching the original Top Gear knows it took a bit of switcheroo to get the chemistry right before things really took off (James May replaced the rotundish Jason Dawe after Series 1 of the current show concluded), and TG Austr

Top Gear Australia responds to damage criticism

BBC's Top Gear is the undisputed leader when it comes to producing entertaining automotive-related content on television. So popular are the show's antics that the franchise has branched out into the Australian market and should be airing Top Gear America here in the States soon. Recently, though, the Oz-branch has ran into some serious questions regarding its treatment of automaker's products. Is

First Australian Top Gear episode to air Sept 29

Mark your calendars, gearheads. The Special Broadcasting Service in Australia has confirmed that the first episode of Aussie Top Gear will air on Monday, September 29. The show will apparently

Aussies announce Australian Top Gear hosts, where's ours?

The success of Top Gear in the UK and elsewhere in the world is owed largely to the chemistry shared between its three famous hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. That's why it's so important for the Austrialian version of Top Gear, the first to be launched outside the U.K., to front three personalities capable of carrying the show on their wit, charm and personalities. Oz's own Top Gear hosts were announced today as Charlie Cox, 47, a motorsport comm

Read my lips: NO. MORE. (CHEAP) OIL

Warren Brown doesn't mince words: