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How serious is Wal-Mart about going green? Enough that their mission, according to GreenTech Media, is to "wean itself from fossil fuels and generate zero waste from its operations." A goal like that certainly gets our attention.

Ready for an almost impossible-to-understand story about Wal-Mart's latest truck greening? Check this out. Thankfully, with a little Google help, we can find a press release about this topic and learn that "Thermo King's Spectrum SB with the SmartReefer2 controller" is a cooling truck that is slowly replacing Wal-Mart's standard refrigerated trailers to make Wal-Mart's distribution fleet a little bit greener.

When you're huge, even small changes make a big difference. But anyone tried to cut their fuel usage by 25 percent is not a small shift. So when Wal-Mart reaches for that number in the company's truck fuel use, that's a huge deal . The AP says it's the same (in CO2 emissions terms) as taking 67,744 cars off the road.