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This is what we mean when we say that the future of alternative fuels isn't anywhere close to being decided. A team from the BBC program Bang Goes the Theory has rigged an older Volkswagen Scirocco to run on coffee pellets. It's a bit complex, with the coffee grounds needing to be heated to 1,292 degrees Fahrenheit, and the resulting concoction cooled, separated and filtered before it's run to the engine. Because coffee contains carbon, however, it works.

Ask us what Euro-only model we'd import to the States and the Volkswagen Scirocco would be near the top of the list. It combines everything we love about the GTI into a more attractive, racy package and, just like it's boxy brethren, it's packed with tuning potential.

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Germany only gets its own top-tier international auto show every other year, with the Frankfurt Motor Show alternating with the Paris salon. So when the circus rolls into town, you can bet Germany's giant auto industry will embrace the opportunity to reveal their latest. Audi's tipped to unveil its A5 Sportback and revised A8, Mercedes is expected to unveil its new E-Class Cabrio, BMW the new X1 and 5-Series GT/Progressive Activity Sedan... even Opel is anticipated to unveil its new Astra in Fra

Volkswagen Scirocco – Click above for high-res image gallery

Volkswagen Scirocco – Click above for high-res image gallery

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It seems Volkswagen has breathed a collective "Oops!", and is now working to turn its design ship around. VW was known for neat, differentiated designs with great interior details. While this stayed true in some parts of the world, in the U.S., Volkswagen design turned into chrome shield grilles fronting identical bodies in various sizes.

I admit it, I watch America's Next Top Model. It's not as good as Project Runway or So You Think You Can Dance, but seems to go through three seasons every year so there's always a new episode to watch. As with any reality show, ANTM is also produced in a number of foreign countries, including Germany, which has a good record of producing runway gals. One of its most successful, Heidi Klum, is the host of Germany's Next Top Model and she's also a spokeswoman for Volkswagen in one of the automake