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VW bringing Fox Pepper, Saveiro Surf to Sao Paulo show

We've gotten used to the idea of Volkswagen keeping certain models like the Scirocco and Amarok to the European market and not bringing them to North America, but the German automaker also has a full line of vehicles made right here in the Americas that don't make it to US showrooms either. Those are the products of Volkswagen do Brasil, which has just revealed two new debuts for the upcoming Sao

Volkswagen do Brasil doubles up on new Saveiro ute [w/video]

Volkswagen may have come a long way since the original Beetle to produce hatchbacks, coupes, convertibles, sedans, wagons and crossovers... but pickups? As we found out in England recently, the Amarok is a notable exception, but it's not the only one. Head down to South America and you can also pick up

Volkswagen turns its latest Fox inside-out

An automobile's interior is just as important as its exterior when the time comes to close the sale. Keenly aware of this, Volkswagen has redone the Brazilian-market Fox and put a special emphasis on evolving the interior from low-rent to high-end. And a clever ad by agency AlmapBBDO puts it front and center.

VW Gol: Brazilian proto-Impreza by VW?

The string of interesting and offbeat Volkswagens from the firm's Brazilian division is enough to fill a coffee-table book. The SP2, for example, is one of the prettiest variations ever laid atop Type III mechanicals, one that many die-hard Volks-fans in the United States have never heard of. The rest of the world probably knows better what VW do Brasil has wrought; forty-something years of cars we'd dearly