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Reveals aircraft designs and passenger cost

Uber Technologies said on Tuesday it would work with the U.S. Army to advance research on a novel, quiet aircraft rotor technology that could be used in future flying cars, or military aircraft. Uber also revealed passenger costs for its air taxi service.


The Workhorse Group spinoff gets off the ground

Even though it's a few months late from the CES 2018 target date, SureFly, part of Workhorse Group, has finally run a flying test of its hybrid-electric helicopter. The company also recorded the test flights in the video above. The company touts that the flight is completely untethered and was an FIA sanctioned flight. It all seems like it's getting much closer to production.


Fare would compare to a taxi. Should the auto industry worry?

People in the business seem to prefer the term Vertical Take-Off and Landing craft (VTOLs)


It works like a V-22 Osprey and has backing from the European Space Agency

Today's installment in the "flying car" saga is an electric jet that works like a V-22 Osprey.


Please don't try to fly it, though.

Own a questionable piece of VTOL history.


The long, crazy history of vertical-takeoff-or-landing is explored with this video from Sploid, covering the earliest prototypes to the modern Harrier and F-35.

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At 22-feet long and with a 1,400-pound payload, the Urban Aeronautics AirMule provides VTOL capability without all the drawbacks of a typical helicopter.