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When President Obama signed the Cash-for-Clunkers bill into law back on June 24, the Transportation Department was given 30 days to set the official rules and regulations for the program that will put the plan into motion. According to the official CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) site, NHTSA intends to get the deed done a day early by July 23. Although the paper the President signed stipulated that consumers may be eligible for the program starting on Wednesday, July 1, the Transportation Dep

GM is struggling with costs in the wake of historically poor automotive sales, and the Detroit automaker is offering more UAW buyouts to trim its blue-collar workforce. The incentive package includes $20,000 in cash and another $25,000 in car voucher form. GM is also looking for workers over the age of 50 with ten or more years of service to take an early retirement. Details of that plan are not yet available as the rank and file have not been officially notified, but GM's buyout package is repo

There have been a lot of promotions in recent years to encourage people to buy new cars – green and otherwise – in the United States like zero percent financing and tax credits. Now, GM is offering buyers of their 2006 and 2007 FlexFuel models a $1,000 voucher card to buy fuel. Green Car Congress estimates that’ll be a little over 5,000 miles in a Tahoe.

South Dakota is making it a little bit easier to see Mt. Rushmore or the Corn Palace in a green car. The state office of tourism is mailing out up to 3,000 $20 ethanol vouchers to drivers to spend when they fill up with some sort of ethanol-related fuel in South Dakota. As of today, there are 64 participating gas stations in the state, but more are promised.