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Volvo done developing gasoline engines

Here's how Volvo's near future is expected to roll out

From 2019, Volvo won't develop new internal combustion engines.

Volvo's electrification move is great, but it's not the end of internal combustion

Volvo is smart to keep up with the competition.

Diesel is still part of the plan, but this allows for a quick pivot.

Volvo plans to build a million electrified cars by 2025

CEO wants company to be at 'forefront' of shift.

Volvo says it will unveil its first fully electric car by 2019.

Volvo Concept Coupe may see limited production

Despite the impressive production debuts from Porsche and BMW at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show - the 918 Spyder and the i8, respectively - there was one car that captured the attention of the press and the public alike, enough so that we a

Volvo shoots for 165 mile-per-hour hybrid-truck speed record

Sometimes, we don't ask why, we just appreciate.

Volvo to unveil diesel V60 plug-in hybrid at Geneva Motor Show

2011 Volvo V60 – Click above for high-res image gallery

V60 will be basis for Volvo's first plug-in hybrid in 2012

2011 Volvo V60 – Click above for high-res image gallery

And the Volvo 2009 Technology Award goes to...

Click above for a gallery of the Volvo FE hybrid truck

Volvo micro-hybrid coming in 2011, full hybrid in 2012

To date, aside from some diesel and flex-fuel engines in Europe, Volvo hasn't done much in the way of alternative drive vehicles. The Ford owned Swedish brand showed an extended range electric concept called the Recharge last year based on the C30. However, hybrids haven't been part of Volvo's program quite yet. That all appears set to change in the next few years as CAFE and Euro

Volvo plans diesel hybrids for 2012

click above to enter a gallery of the new Volvo DRIVe models

Ford and Volvo to invest $1.36 billion for new hybrid technology

With hybrids the alternative vehicle of choice for most consumers (yes, there are more flexible-fuel vehicles on the roads today, but how many people fill them with E85?), Ford and its Volvo subsidiary announced last week that they would invest over a billion dollars in a new center in Goteborg to develop new hybrid systems for their vehicles. This BusinessWeek article says the companies will use