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At New York's Cipriani restaurant on 42nd Street, Volvo presented its sixth annual Volvo for Life Awards and named Marilyn Adams the Grand Award Winner in the Safety category. The panel of judges -- including Hank Aaron, Sen. Bill Bradley, Maya Lin, Dr. Sally Ride, Dr. Mae Jemison, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and Edsel B. Ford II -- selected Marilyn because of her Farm Safety 4 Just Kids organization that teaches, as you guessed, farm safety for the young'ins'.

Volvo has been searching for real boots-on-the-pavement hometown heroes with its "Volvo For Life" awards for five years now. In April, Volvo will announce the winner for this year's award, the prizes for which include $1 million in contributions to to his or her favorite charities and a Volvo car for life. Given the longevity of Volvo cars, we thought it might be the same car for life, but it turns out to be a new Volvo every three years, which is a sweet deal.