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The next-generation Buick Excelle has been spotted testing in the usual camouflage. The existing Excelle is only sold in China, but now that General Motors has decided that Buick will be one of its four core brands in the U.S. market, it seems likely that it could come over as part of an expanded lineup. The new Excelle is based on the same Delta II platform as other compacts - including the Opel Astra, Chevy Cruze and, of course, the Chevy Volt.

Now that President Obama had appointed the task force that will study the future of the auto industry in this country, its time for them to get to work. The team spent last week looking over the latest viability plans from General Motors and Chrysler. Today, Steven Rattner and Ron Bloom, advisers to the task force will come to Michigan where they will sit down with officials at both GM and Chrysler to discuss the plans and learn more about both company's future product directions. While they are

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