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GM confident Chevy Volt will lead company to be "best-in-segment in every area and every technology"

Following my session with General Motors North America President Mark Reuss at Detroit's January North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), I caught up with two technology leaders playing key roles in GM's vehicle electrification process: Volt chief engineer Andrew Farah – a hard-working, no-BS positive thinker whom I knew and worked with on GM's 1990

Chevy Volt will cost GM $750 milllion

We've heard time and again that it's really expensive to develop a hybrid, electric car or extended-range electric car. Chevy's upcoming Volt not only has a battery large enough to allow an announce range of 40 miles in electric-only mode, but it also uses a brand new engine design that's not used in that exact form in any other platform. You might imagine, then, that the Volt will be even more pricey to design than the average EV. You'd be right. According to the business plan that GM submitted