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According to some educated guessing at WorldCarFans, Volkswagen's Up! concept that is coming our way in the next few years will be renamed the Lupo, reviving a name that went out of production in 2005. WCF says they have official confirmation from sources that their guess is true, and that "Up!" will indeed form the middle of the Lupo name (see also: IROC and Scirocco). There's still time before we find out for sure, as the production Up!/Lupo isn't expected to be unveiled until the Frankfurt Mo

There are a mind-boggling amount of video hosting services around. One of them, webcastr, let us know about a new video they're hosting that is Car and Driver's look at the VW Up! concept during the Frankfurt Motor Show. Unlike YouTube and other video sites, it's not that obvious to me how to embed the video to this post, so the picture above will just take you to the Webcastr page where the video is viewable. Since I can't get the new video to embed, you can watch another one about the Up! here

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly likes to look green when new cars are displayed. I remember the excitement when he arrived at the unveiling of the Tesla Roadster back in the summer of 2006. Sometimes, of course, the Governator's green sheen is less glorious, like with the GM flex-fuel vehicles controversy. But, at the LA Auto Show this week, Governor Schwarzenegger was happy to visit the Volkswagen booth to check out the new space up! blue concept car.

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The Volkswagen up! concept car (whether in the original or the space or the possible fuel cell variant) is popular not only with AutoblogGreen readers who wouldn't mind buying one (or two) from VW but also with people in the industry. Last night, the up! won the Concept Car of the Year honor at the Autocar Awards. According to the Newspress release, Autocar editor Charles Hallett said the up! was "a brilliant concept car – but, importantly, a concept car that will become a reality. We lik

We found out earlier today that the Volkswagen Up! will be more expensive than originally reported. We have known since the Up! was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show that it would not only come in plug-in (at least in concept form) and hybrid versions, but also might one day come in a full range of body styles: compact SUV, five-door minivan and convertible. Christian Schlute, who prepares a lot of photorealistic renderings of upcoming vehicles, has created three renderings of these three bod