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There is some bad news for hot hatch fans who also love efficiency. The chances of the Volkswagen Golf GTD coming to the US are increasingly slim, according to an interview with Volkswagen Group of America CEO Michael Horn in Automotive News. Horn says that the model would cost too much to import from Germany. Cue the sad trombone.


Bentley has announced that it will be moving its U.S. corporate headquarters from Boston, Massachusetts to Herndon, Virginia. The uber-luxury brand will be moving to the offices of the Volkswagen Group of America, in what it calls a "strategic realignment of its regional operations." According to Bentley president and COO, Christophe Georges, "the relocation will allow Bentley to focus out resources on our brand and take further advantage of synergies with the Volkswagen Group here in the U.S."

As of January 1st Volkswagen of America will be known by a new name: Volkswagen Group of America. In their efforts to take down Toyota as the world's top automaker Volkswagen has chosen to begin embracing its multi-brand size by adding the term group to its corporate moniker. It's a reminder that the company is more than just the letters "VW." The Volkswagen Group of America encompasses the brands of VW, Audi, Bugatti, Bentley and Lamborghini. It also houses the brand's financial service branche