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Subaru previews Viziv Performance Concept and 2 tuned STIs for Tokyo

The S208 and BRZ STI Sport are only available through a lottery.

Japan gets all the good stuff.

Subaru could have all-electric CUV by 2021

The reason? Tighter emissions laws.

Naturally, details are extremely limited here in 2016.

Subaru Viziv is a diesel hybrid crossover we could learn to love

With the 2013 XV Crosstrek, Subaru reaffirmed its interest in niche crossovers, and early signs are that it's selling well, so will parent Fuji Heavy Industries green-light another one? That's the question begged by the new Viziv concept just unveiled here at the Geneva Motor Show.

Subaru teases Viziv concept ahead of Geneva

Subaru will be stocking its display at the Geneva Motor Show next month: The European debut of the Subaru Forester joins the world premiere of a diesel Outback with Lineartronic CVT and a display called Subaru 360 that showcases the "brand's history and future vision."