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Daimler is bringing electric school buses to Virginia

Thomas Built will supply 50 "Jouley" buses paid for by electric utility Dominion

Stupid hybrid perk: no emissions test

Hybrids have lots of perks. Many states allow hybrids to use the HOV lane when a single person is driving, park at parking meters without paying and not get ticketed, etc. I support state and local government trying to encourage the use of clean cars. Except the state of Virgina which has a very stupid hybrid perk: Code of Virginia (§46.2-1178.B.1.) states hybrid vehicles that get over 50 MPG are "exempted from the vehicle

Two steps forward for Ford, one step way back for two Ford plants

Mark Fields revealed last week during his update speech detailing Ford’s progress with its “Way Forward Plan” that two Blue Oval plants will be idled in 2008. The two plants affected include the Twin Cities Assembly Plant in St. Paul, MN and the Norfolk Assembly Plant in Virginia.