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One of our favorite models from this year's show circuit was Anna Comingore at the VIP Auto Fashion Show. Anna's nickname is Bikini Racer. We know what the "Bikini" stands for. Anna has won her fair share of modeling trophies, and deservedly so. So what does the "Racer" part refer to? You can be forgiven for thinking so because of the bikini association, but it doesn't refer to swimming. No, you see, Anna campaigns a Toyota Supra Turbo drag racer. And she did pretty well this year, finishing 2nd

Maybe more so than at any other show besides SEMA, the girls are just as important as the cars at the Hot Import Nights shows. And when you're talking about the VIP version of HIN, the quality should be kicked up a notch, and we weren't disappointed. The lovely ladies of L.A. included professional models, car chicks, race drivers, employees who just felt like strutting their stuff while discussing their products, even a few Playboy bunnies. Not all of them were locals, some we talked to were fro

The Hot Import Nights group just held their second annual VIP Auto Fashion Show this weekend, and it was a bit of a mixed bag. Lots of over-the-top blinged-out rides and plenty of cute models as would be expected, but some things just didn't gel.