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A driveshaft is the cylindrical shaft that transmits the torque from the engine to the wheels.

When it comes to important components in your vehicle, the driveshaft holds a lot of importance.

A front output shaft bearing is a component that is commonly found on vehicles equipped with transfer cases, such as all wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles.

The disc brake rotors are metal discs that work together with the brake pads and calipers to slow the vehicle.

Ball joints are an important suspension component found on virtually all modern vehicles.

Constant velocity (CV) axles are a drivetrain component commonly found on many modern road going vehicles.

It sounds musical, but what it really does is disperse vibrations that travel through the crankshaft to prevent damage to it and other vehicle components.

You’re driving down the interstate, and as you come up to cruising speed, the steering wheel starts to vibrate in your hands.

The Metropolitan Expressway Co., a company managing the construction, renovation, maintenance, and administration of expressways in and around Tokyo, has announced a project to generate electricity by converting energy created by the vibration resulting from automobiles driving on the Shuto (Metropolitan) Expressway. This is a large scale application of something we already knew about at human scale. It really looks like someone read our suggestion for its application.

The idea of capturing the energy of vibrations and storing it is not new, but here is another attempt at the idea, courtesy of Gizmag. Dr Steve Beeby and his team at the University of Southampton have created this version of the kinetic energy generator. The last time we discussed this idea, it was mentioned that perhaps a device like this could be used on a vehicle; it would take many of them to generate any meaningful electrical power. This version has many possible uses, some of them cited in