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Elon Musk's defamation win may redraw the legal landscape for social media

'It is now said by this jury that insults are completely open season'

The victory by Tesla Inc's outspoken chief executive over a Twitter message describing a British cave explorer as "pedo guy" has raised the bar for what amounts to libel online, according to some legal experts. Musk defended his comments as trivial taunts made on a social media platform that he argued everyone views as a world of unfiltered opinion, which is protected as free speech, rather than statements of fact. "I think this verdict reflects that there is a feeling that internet tweets and

Elon Musk should pay $190 million for defamatory 'nuclear bomb,' plaintiff's lawyer says

It "would be a hard slap on the wrist" for Musk

Tesla founder Elon Musk should pay at least $190 million in damages for defaming a British cave explorer in tweets that suggested he was a pedophile and were like a "nuclear bomb," the plaintiff's lawyer said on Friday. In his closing argument at Musk's defamation trial, the lawyer for Vernon Unsworth said his client would feel the sting from Musk's calling him a "pedo guy" for many years to come, affecting his relationships and job prospects, and jurors should teach the "billionaire b

Elon Musk defamation trial in homestretch, jury may get case Friday

The latest in the 'pedo guy' tweet saga

Elon Musk arrived on Friday at a federal court in Los Angeles looking relaxed in a dark-colored suit, as a trial over whether the Tesla founder defamed a British cave explorer with tweets suggesting he was a pedophile approached its end. Lawyers for Musk and the cave explorer Vernon Unsworth are expected to deliver closing arguments later in the day, and the three-man, five-woman jury is expected to begin deliberating shortly afterward. Jurors must decide unanimously whether Musk, 48,

Cave diver testifies he felt 'branded a pedophile' by Elon Musk

He felt 'humiliated, ashamed, dirtied'

Elon Musk's defamation trial could be in the hands of jury by the end of Thursday after the billionaire and the diver who is suing him sparred over the meaning and impact of a "pedo guy" tweet at the heart of the case. British cave explorer Vernon Unsworth testified on Wednesday he felt "branded a pedophile" despite Musk's assertion that his "pedo guy" tweet was not meant to be taken literally. Unsworth's appearance in a packed federal courtroom in Los Angeles came hours after Musk, the chief

Elon Musk, in day 2 of testimony, says he wrote 'pedo guy' tweet 'off the cuff'

And now we know his net worth

Elon Musk, wrapping up two days of testimony at his defamation trial on Wednesday, insisted his "pedo guy" Twitter message at the heart of the case was an "off-the-cuff" insult hurriedly written in anger and not meant to be taken literally. The chief executive of electric carmaker Tesla Inc and founder of rocket company SpaceX also acknowledged in a packed Los Angeles federal courtroom his net worth, mostly from stock holdings in those two companies, was about $20 billion (£15.59 billion). Mus

Elon Musk testifies at defamation trial he responded to 'unprovoked attack'

He says he was insulted for a 'good-natured attempt' to help trapped kids

High-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk took the witness stand at his defamation trial on Tuesday, testifying that his inflammatory Twitter message at the center of the case was sent in response to an "unprovoked" insult he received from the man now suing him. Musk, the billionaire chief executive of electric carmaker Tesla Inc , was the first witness to testify in the lawsuit brought by a British cave diver who gained fame for his leading role in the rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach f

Elon Musk 'pedo guy' jurors to be queried about billionaires, Thailand

Defamation trial begins today, with Musk first up to testify

Elon Musk is going on trial Tuesday for his troublesome tweets in a defamation case pitting the billionaire against a British diver he allegedly branded a pedophile. The Tesla CEO will be called to testify early in the case in Los Angeles federal court to explain what he meant when he called Vernon Unsworth, who helped rescue youth soccer players trapped underwater in a Thailand cave, “pedo guy” in a Twitter spat more than year ago. Musk later apologized for lashing out at Unsworth on Twitter

Elon Musk won't settle 'pedo guy' defamation lawsuit, lawyer says

An attorney for Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of electric car maker Tesla, said on Tuesday that his client had no intention of settling a defamation suit brought by a British cave explorer before the case goes to trial on Dec. 3. Vernon Unsworth is suing Musk for calling him a "pedo guy" in one of a series of tweets. Musk posted the tweets after Unsworth accused Musk in a CNN interview of grandstanding by offering to help Unsworth's diving team rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from a cav

Elon Musk says 'pedo man' didn't mean what people thought it meant

He's trying to get the defamation lawsuit against him thrown out

Elon Musk's 'pedo guy' tweet is headed to trial

Judge refuses to dismiss, sets court date in cave diver's defamation lawsuit

Judge refuses to dismiss, sets court date in cave diver's defamation lawsuit.

Elon Musk is sued for calling Thai cave rescuer a pedophile

'Musk's influence and wealth cannot ... protect him from accountability'

"Musk's influence and wealth cannot ... protect him from accountability."

Tesla stock and bond prices drop after Elon Musk renews attack on caver

Another factor is the reveal of the Mercedes EQC EV

Another factor is the reveal of the Mercedes EQC EV

Tesla's Elon Musk apologizes for comments about British caver

Though he also says caver started it all, sub was what rescuers wanted

Though he also says the caver started it all, and the sub was exactly what rescuers wanted.

British caver says he's consulting lawyers over Elon Musk's comments

Hasn't decided to sue yet, but ‘I can't let it go’

UPDATE: Elon Musk's Thai cave rescuer pedophile tweets alarm Tesla investors

Cave expert said Musk's ‘submarine’ was PR stunt, couldn't have worked

Diver said Musk's 'submarine' was PR stunt, could never have worked.