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China's cities are blanketed by toxic haze with air pollution that can shut down places like Beijing. Of course, there are many citizens who want to move from a scooter to a car, but that could create more pollution. In steps carsharing, and an idea from Kandi Technologies Group that its small electric vehicles could be part of the solution in the city of Hangzhou, an hour-long train ride from Shanghai.

Japan's fascination with vending machines is likely unmatched. As of 2008, 5.5 million vending machines were installed across the island nation and those machines, unlike the ones here in the U.S., don't merely dispense candy bars and soda pop. Some of Japan's vending machines sell exotic items like live crabs and heads of lettuce but, come next March, 10,000 machines capable of dispensing a charge for plug-in vehicles should dot the nation.

Fact 1: The US Department of Energy estimates that we could save two million gallons of gasoline every day if our tires were properly inflated.