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Paris launches world's biggest e-bike fleet to curb pollution

Up to 20K bicycles will go on long-term rentals at 40 euros per month

Up to 20,000 bicycles will go on long-term rentals at 40 euros per month.

In Detail: Study Abroad

A successful study abroad program means going overseas, learning from the locals, and bringing the lessons back home. We've been all over the world in search of the latest in transportation tech and we saw some things that might be beneficial here is the States. Let's take a look at a few of these worldly ideas and see if any lessons could be applied back home.

In Detail: Paris Bike And EV-Sharing Programs

In a city as densely populated as Paris, driving your own car around is about as good of an idea as speaking English to every French person you encounter. Fortunately, Paris and similar cities are setup with substantial public transit systems. But for those moments when you need a car or bike, Paris has you covered.

Translogic tackles how Parisians share transportation

This week, our sister site Translogic heads off to Paris to check out the Vélib' bike-sharing and Autolib' electric-vehicle sharing programs.

Paris to introduce Autolib electric car-sharing program in 2011

Starting next year, the French capital is going to have a lot more electrons flowing through its roadways. After two years of refining the program, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, has finally unveiled the Autolib, a new car-sharing program comprising a fleet of 3,000 electric cars. These cars will be available to anyone subscribed at a

Too tired to climb the hill? Velib gives you fifteen additional minutes on your bike rental

Velib, the Paris public bike rental service is a success, but a unique problem has emerged: users are dropping more bicycles in lower neighborhoods than riding them up. In order to give incentives for the cyclists to drop bikes in "high" stations, the company will give you 15 additional minutes to drop the 22 kg bike off in "high" neighborhoods such as Belleville or Montmartre. Velib has al