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Not long ago we discussed used American guzzlers being shipped en masse to Mexico. In the comments that ensued many of you didn't really seem to have a problem with that despite the fact that pollution, not to mention CO2, knows no border and affects the lungs and lives of all of us. There are vested interests in Mexico who have been putting pressure on the government there to act but movement on this issue could best be described as glacial. Make that pre-global warming glacial.

On Tuesday, ages after the major automakers had made all the glitzy announcements they wanted to make, USCAR (the United States Council for Automotive Research, a joint project of the Big Three) announced that - wait a minute. Announced is too strong a word here. Sure, USCAR representatives held a news conference, but there wasn't any news. Instead the chair and director of USCAR's Vehicle Recycling Partnership (VRP), David Mattis (who is also materials and corrosion engineering at General Motor