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Are you the parent of a teenager who hasn't found enough reason to hate your ever-loving guts? Well then OnStar has a new product for you. Dubbed Family Link, the new service will tell you exactly where your OnStar-equipped vehicle is at any time. It will even send you emails or text messages at particular times of day with a location update. It's OnStar's first separately priced feature from its main suite of services, and at $3.99/month is an inexpensive way to invade the privacy of your loved

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var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/software/For_the_OCD_in_you_Ownersite_lets_you_track_vehicle_history_to_a_tee'; Before I owned the '99 Alero, there was the '94 Protege. I had a habit of keeping the receipt for every drop of gas I put in that car. They were all stuffed in the glove box with the intent that I would plot a nice graph showing the Protege's gas mileage over time when it came to sell. Well, the Protege died a sudden death, so the car was never sold and the receipts went in the tras