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Click above for more shots of the Vectrix electric scooter

Anyone who knows even a little about Jay Leno knows that not only is he a car nut, but he's also environmentally aware. His large vehicle collection includes a 1909 Baker Electric and many of us know he has a biofueled super car project under way. It's not a surprise then, that on his video-centric website, Jay Leno's Garage, the Tesla Roadster is now being featured. Leno also, not so long ago, did a segment with the Vectrix two-wheel and three-wheeled maxi-scooters.

It isn't all depressing news for Vectrix these days. I mean, colorful sailboats make everyone happy, right? If the electric scooter company can't sell (many) of the expensive rides, then perhaps they can give them away. This is what happened in Melbourne, Australia on Monday when, according to Sail World, twenty sail teams competed in the "Vectrix King of the Docklands Regatta." The prize? Why, none other than a MAXI Scooter. Sail World doesn't say who won the race and Google didn't help either,

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/And_the_electric_vehicle_market_suffers_another_setback'; On January 15, Vectrix released a regulatory announcement titled "Preliminary Results." Thanks to some ABG reader comments that pointed out some just how bad the news is in this report, I thought it'd be a good idea to mention this on the front page. The short version: In 2007, Vectrix built 2,002 vehicles (the $12,000 scooter seen above) but sold just 123 of them and now has had a lot of debt.

Our site has not been short on news about the Vectrix electric scooter... but here's another report on it anyway. The fact that Cycle World found it fit to test ride and offer an opinion is a good thing, considering the fact that Cycle World is a major publication and their opinion is likely to carry a good deal of weight to many cyclists. So... what did they think?