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More ethanol available for sale in Texas thanks to VeraSun Energy and Kroger

Hey cowboy, got one of those little flex-fuel badges on your truck? If so, you can now fill 'er up with E85 at 20 Kroger gas stations in the Dallas and Houston areas. Kroger and VeraSun Energy announced today that VeraSun's mix of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline (which VeraSun calls VE85) will now be sold at the Kroger filling stations. There's a list of these stations and their addresses after the jump. The 20 new ethanol retail pumps brings VeraSuns national total to over 140 in 13

VeraSun Energy and Enterprise will bring ethanol to rental cars

There are certainly no lack of methods to make your travels less environmentally damaging than they used to be. Here's another option, if you're into ethanol: VeraSun Energy and Enterprise Rent-A-Car announced last week that the two companies will work together to use VeraSun's E85 brand (VE85) in Enterprise's flexfuel vehicles, wherever VE85 is available.

E85 station coming to Pittsburgh this week, two more by year's end

I wrote Monday about how Pennsylvania is making a big push to get out of their coal history and moving into a greener energy future. Here are a few more details on how General Motors, VeraSun and Sheetz gas stations are working with the state will do this. VeraSun announced that its partnership with GM would provide VE85 (VeraS