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About one year ago, we introduced to you the MCE 5 engine types. According to the company, these are really small displacement engines that are able to produce gulps of power. According to the press release found at the Geneva Motor Show site, the MCE 5 engine now has a new name: VCRi. The version that will be on display at the show will be fitted to a standard Peugeot 407 sedan. On this vehicle, and by means of direct injection (GDI), variable compression rate (the engine's main technology) and

Meet the MCE-5 VCR engine, coming at you from France. VCR stands for Variable Compression Rate, and its creators claim it will replace conventional Fixed Compression Rate engines. According to the press release (found after the jump), what is special about this engine is that it's based on a combination of rod-crank mechanism and long-life gears, integrating both power transmission and compression ratio control for each cylinder.