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Even with the inexorable move toward electrically driven cars in the next couple of decades, the internal combustion engine will remain with us for some time to come either as the primary powertrain on many vehicles or at least as an auxiliary power unit for series hybrid vehicles. Given that reality, researchers are working feverishly on ways to improve the efficiency of ICEs as much as possible. During the recent SAE World Congress speakers from almost every carmaker and research facility talk

Ever-tightening emissions requirements, teamed with consumers' lust for today's high horsepower numbers, have led to some creative valve timing and lift schemes. Infiniti's G37 will be pack some interesting tech underhood when it debuts at the upcoming New York International Auto Show. There are actually two new developments working in conjunction to give independent control over valve timing and lift. Nissan has dubbed the control technologies Variable Valve Event and Lift and Continuous Valve

Soon, I plan to write an editorial about which way the motorcycle designers are going when it comes to being a green form of alternative transportation. A sneak peek: motorcycles are getting bigger, faster and less fuel-efficient. Why? The demands of the buyers, of course. But, with the same things being demanded of cars, and with very tough fuel and emissions standards, we are starting to see some technology trickle down from the automotive sector to that of motorcycles. An example of this is t

Amidst the "19 new engines" announcement from General Motors Thursday was a brand-new engine of particular significance for the power-hungry (and aren't we all?): a 3.6 liter all-aluminum V6 with direct injection and variable valve timing. The new V6 is promised for the 2008 model year, with a launch vehicle "to be announced."