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Utah scrutinizes vanity license plates after ‘DEPORTM’ uproar

Utah prohibits vanity plates that express contempt for any race, religion or political opinion

Personalized license plates that spark multiple complaints will get extra scrutiny in Utah amid questions about how a plate emblazoned with the phrase “DEPORTM” could be on the road despite strict state rules and previous objections. If more than one person reports a particular plate, it will now be flagged for extra attention and reviewed by the attorney general's office, said Scott Smith, who oversees the motor-vehicles division as executive director of the Utah Tax Commission. Among other r

Chevy Camaro driver with vanity plate ‘Dirtbag’ arrested in Washington

He punched an officer and pulled a handgun, police say

You have to appreciate the honesty.

Plaintiff in COPSLIE vanity plate suit now running for state representative

Child right's advocate Marian Wright Edelman once said, "If you don't like the way the world is, you change it." We're guessing David Montenegro is a firm believer in that idea. You'll recall that Montenegro, better known by his legal name of Human, is the New Hampshire man who fought and won a case in the state's Supreme Court to obtain a vanity plate that read "COPSLIE." Now, Human has announced

DMV Revokes Vanity Plate Over Obscene Osama Reference

Virginia man calls his license plates "patriotic," DMV calls them "profane"

A Virginia man is unhappy with the Department of Motor Vehicles' decision to revoke his "F.OSAMA" license plates due to being "profane, obscene or vulgar in nature," according to the DMV. Rick Sanders has had the plates for over 7 years and feels they make a patriotic statement.

CA bank robber foiled by vanity plates bearing own name

There's no such thing as the perfect crime, but some criminals are clearly more perfect than others. According to UT San Diego, a man wearing latex gloves and sunglasses recently strolled into a Chase Bank in San Diego, pointed a gun at a teller and began demanding money. The teller wisely obliged, handing over $2,920 in cash before the robber took to his vehicle and fled in a white Ford Expedition. Onlookers were quick to jot down the v

Tesla Roadster owner wins vanity plate war with LOL OIL

LOL OIL Tesla Roadster – Click above for high-res image

Woodward 2009: License plates - They're the original Twitter!

Woodward license plates - Click above for high-res image gallery