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Autodromo enhances its functional simplicity with Vallelunga Chronograph

As automotive enthusiasts by profession, there's nothing we love here at Autoblog quite as much as cars. But a distant second for many of us comes watches. Fortunately, there's no shortage of automotive-inspired timepieces out on the market, but the unfortunate reality for many is that the correlation is just too forced. That's what we love about Officine Autodromo.

American racer Michael Lewis earns Ferrari test on back of F3 victory

When this year's Formula 1 young driver test kicks off in Abu Dhabi, Alexander Rossi may be the only American there, but he's not the only young Yank with his eyes on grand prix racing. And he's not the only one set for an F1 test, either.

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Ferrari drops new photos of 458 Challenge test session at Vallelunga

Ferrari 458 Challenge - Click above for high-res image gallery