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Those of us on this side of the pond in the market for a luxury crossover should be familiar with the gargantuan Audi Q7 and its little brother, the Q5. Overseas the German automaker also offers an even more compact Q3. Today on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show, Audi announced it will be bringing the Q3 to the North American market, and this is the show car with which they broke the news.

Volkswagen and Stanford's Autonomous Vehicle Program – Click above for high-res image gallery

Stanford won the first ever DARPA Challenge -- a test of skill and endurance for autonomous vehicles -- in 2005 with a VW Passat wagon called Stanley. This year it came in second with a VW Passat Wagon called Stanley, Jr. Though the university didn't win the Challenge this year, it did win with VW, which has pledged $5.75 million over five years to fund VAIL: the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory at Stanford.

While most towns considering a switch to hybrid-electric buses are worried about reducing their fuel costs and improving air quality, in Vail, CO, the switch to hybrid electric diesel buses is most likely motivated equally as much by public relations. The first hybrid-electric bus went in to service last Wednesday, and the town plans to buy nine more over the next four years. This move goes hand in hand with Vail's recent decision to get all of its electricity from wind power. Clearly, Vail's to