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It's not often that consumers choose a V8 engine for its low fuel consumption, but that seems to be exactly what is happening with the Yamaha F350 outboard motor. This sixty-degree engine is a rather high-tech design, featuring 32 valves and double overhead cams to produce some 350 horsepower at the prop shaft. One reason cited for its ability to save fuel is that the engines don't need to work as hard as smaller, high-strung engines.

Are we living in the twilight years of the V8 engine? It seems possible, considering that General Motors has already canceled their newest high-tech V8 engine program and Ford is planning on a switch to EcoBoost engines for their high-end vehicles. Even performance car stalwarts such as the Camaro, Mustang and Corvette, could, some time in the near future, lose their V8 engine options. We should remember, though, that similar performance numbers can be achieved with other types of powerplants. A