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Report: BMW finally green-lights 5-Series "Progressive Activity Sedan"

Call it V5, 5-Series GT, 5-Series Fastback, Progressive Activity Sedan... call it what you will. Whatever moniker you give it, BMW has evidently crossed the Rubicon and there's no turning back. As expected based upon BMW's previously leaked roster of 2009 reveals, the 5-Series -based hatchback has been approved

Spy Shots: BMW V5

A BMW V5 prototype has been let loose under a wardrobe's worth of camo, but you can still see it remains true to the early renderings. That might be a good thing if anyone has really decided they need a stretched X6. Based on the X6's slower-than-expected U.S. sales, maybe the extra room is what people are waiting for, and the trifecta for this latest niche-creating could be: not quite car

BMW Progressive Activity Sedan coming to Frankfurt in '09

The BMW Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS or possibly V5) is on its way, whether the world wants it or needs it. According to Auto Motor und Sport, the 5-series based sedan will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, and is expected to

Spy Shots: Munich goes after another niche - BMW V5

Hot on the heels of the BMW X6 introduction at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week comes word of a yet another variation from Munich. The V5 is not a new engine configuration, it's a new body style for BMW. Looking like a pretty standard five door hatchback, the rear roofline is higher than the more coupe-like X6, allowing for more headroom.