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Toyota lineup of vehicles will talk to each other to prevent accidents

After years of talk about V2V and V2I, someone's moving forward

Michigan installing technology on I-75 to let vehicles and road talk to each other

3M and MDOT are preparing the road for connected and autonomous vehicles.

It's among the first V2I projects of this scale in the country.

How Audi will make roads friendlier to autonomous cars

The world isn't designed for autonomous cars, but Audi is trying to change that.

German companies team up with telecom to spur development of talking cars

The alliance takes a joint approach to technical and regulatory hurdles.

How traffic enforcement could play out on roads of the future

New Systems Offer Potential, But Automated Tickets Already Irk Drivers

The applications of connected-car technology may eventually lie beyond the authority of its creators.

Connected vehicle test granted another six months

The Department of Transportation and eight major automakers have spent a year testing vehicles equipped with dedicated short range communication (DSRC) systems in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but they have decided to extend the test for another six months, Automotive News reports.