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Rumormill: Next Lotus Esprit could be powered by Lexus V10

Lotus' relationship with Toyota could extend beyond supplying drivetrains for the Elise, Exige and Evora, with three new engines sourced from Lexus rumored to be fitted to the 2012 Lotus Esprit. According to EVO, a choice of three Esprits will be available for any (thick) wallet, including a 300 hp version packing Toyota's direct injected V6, a 417 hp model that would make use of the Lexus IS F's 5.0-liter V8 and, at the top of the ra

Alleged Audi dealer email green-lights U.S. R8 V10 orders

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2010 Audi R8 FSI V10

Pics Aplenty: Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro

Click above for a freshly-updated gallery of the Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro

Third-gen Audi A8 to be "stronger, sharper, more precise"

From the first lozenge-shaped A8 that hit American shores in 1997, Audi's flagship sedan has slowly been asserting itself more and more. The current A8 W12 is almost always given credit for its beautiful-yet-subtle design and a glorious interior. American buyers, however, haven't thrown money at it like they do the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S Class. Audi is out to change that with the 2011 A8.

Audi R8 V10 debuting in Detroit, cabrio coming in 2010

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BMW slashes V8 engine production in favor of fours

The new BMW 7-Series has just stepped out from behind the curtain, and it's taken the stage to a house only half full. Demand for BMW's big engines has dropped so low that the house of the roundel says it can make enough 8-bangers to satisfy the world's demand using just one shift for four days.

VIDEO: God's ringtone is a V10-powered Audi R8

Click above for a gallery of the V10 Audi R8.

Spy Shots: Audi RS6 Sedan

Sporting a subtle IMSA-flared look, Audi's new V10-powered RS6 sedan has been caught while testing in Scandinavia. It looks pretty much like a finished car when it comes to styling and packaging - the lack of camouflage really allows you to see the more muscular elements like flared fenders, a more aggressive fascia, and a diffuser in the rear. With the brake calipers carrying RS6 badging outside, and the seats doing the same for the interior, it's going to be tough for anyone to miss the RS6 sh

Corvette ZR1's LS9 inspired by BMW M V10?

It used to be that American muscle cars were competing against themselves when it came to power. But rumor has it that, in the case of the Chevrolet ZR-1, the domestic horsepower war has a new international benchmark: the BMW M-division V10.

Acura exec outlines future vehicle lineup

Acura's sales are down, and rather than try to be all cars to all buyers, filling niches is more the game plan. Product planning manager John Watts intimated that Acura's looking at segments with a narrower appeal, such as the now-defunct CL, and the possibility of a retractable hardtop vehicle, too. The MDX does well, and the new RDX is the darling of everyone who drives it, but as far as cars go, Acura's not catching anyone's hair on fire. The top-dog RL sedan is a wonderful car – beauti

Frankfurt 2007: The camera shy Wiesmann GT MF 5

Click the image above for more shots of the Wiesmann GT MF5.

Frankurt 2007: AC Schnitzer has gas, runs with it in GP3.10

Click the image above for a host of high-res pics of the AC Schnitzer GP3.10

Wiesmann GT with BMW V10 power confirmed for Frankfurt

According to a variety of reports circulating the web, it's been confirmed by Weismann that a V10-version of its retrotastic coupe will be making its official debut in Frankfurt next month. Based off the company's current coupe, the GT MF 5 will be sporting a BMW-sourced 507 HP V10, the same found in the M5/M6.

'Ring-spotting: BMW M3 look-a-like receives V10 transplant

You know you're getting a bit jaded when you pass up posting a few shots of an E92 3-series with a M5 V10 under the hood. Been there, done that, right? But we were finally compelled to share it with you when we found out what vehicle was used as the recipient – a new BMW M3. Well, that's not quite

Spy Shots: Audi RS6 Avant

While flashy, high dollar exotics have their place in the world; utilitarian Q-ship have a special place in our hearts -- Audi wagons in particular. Although its no surprise that when Audi releases the new RS6, likely next month in Frankfurt, the wagon model won't be too far off, and these newest spy shots confirm our suspicions that progress is well underway.

Spy Shots: high-performance BMW X5

Fresh from the paparazzi comes a batch of spy shots showing what appears to be a tuned-up BMW X5 test mule wearing bigger exhaust pipes and a revised front bumper with bigger air intakes that extends farther down to the tarmac.

Spy Shots: Lamborghini Gallardo V8 running the 'Ring

Audi goes up, Lamborghini goes down. Just as the R8, which wasn't really supposed to compete with the Gallardo, is getting revved up for a V10 transplant, the less expensive Gallardo could be going downmarket, swapping adding a V8 model to accompany the current V10. Admittedly its speculative, but sources and pics from the 'Ring indicate to World Car Fans the possibility of a V8 Gallardo with a revised fascia, altered exhaust treatment, and a less raucous exhaust ro

Enter the (C&D) rumormill: Audi R8 diesel coming in '09

When the topic of conversation at the Autoblog bunker shifts to the R8, it's simply a matter of time before one of us brings up the idea of a diesel version of Audi's new supercar. With the recent success of the TDI R10, Audi has both the technological prowess and the racing creds to make a serious play towards being the first automaker to offer an oilburner in an exotic. According to Car and Driver, it's not only plausible, it's under

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