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Those who patiently wait out the first year of Nissan GT-R production to avoid the hassle of dealer markups or some of the bugs that come with a new car, you may make off with a better performing model. Nissan plans on bringing a V-Spec, meaning victory specification, version of the GT-R to market after the first year of sales. While V-Spec versions of previous GT-R generations did not receive power upgrades, that won't be true for the R35. Base output will be bumped from 480hp to 550hp through

Click the image above for more shots of the rumored Nissan GT-R V-Spec.

So, AutoExpress releases information today that says that the new GT-R will come in at £29,000... in Japan. We're not sure how that's going to equate in U.S. dollars (or yen, for that matter), but what was even more interesting was that they divulged the varying levels of trim that will be offered when the GT-R goes on sale next year.