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The new Ford Fiesta - available used sometime next decade

How much per month are you willing to pay for your car? Rising gas prices and the worsening economy have many people reconsidering their automobile purchases. Think of it this way: if you had $400 budgeted per month for your car payment and gasoline, the more you spend to fill up, the less you have to pay for your car. These types of issues have been causing some car buyers who would normally purchase a new car to shop the used market instead. According to a recent survey by Wachovia, dealership

Although other sources state that Britons are buying smaller and more efficient cars during this year, used car hypermarket chain Carcraft announced that they sold more used dirtier cars in 2007 than ever, despite the higher vehicle duty (tax) and the higher cost of gasoline.

The number of new cars sold every year is just a tiny fraction of all the cars on the road. There are currently somewhere around 230 million cars on the road in the US and only about 16-17 million new cars per year. The number of second-hand cars that are sold annually dwarfs those sales with an estimated 44 million sales in 2005. It now turns out that just like new car buyers, used car buyers (at least in the UK) are also becoming more aware of the environmental impact of the vehicles they buy.