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The statement of purpose on the US Climate Air Partnership's website banner reads a little like fantasy: "We are committed to a pathway that will slow, stop and reverse the growth of U.S. emissions while expanding the U.S. economy." That is not an impossible goal, certainly, but it's going to take a while to come true.

Beth Lowery, GM's Vice President for Energy and Environmental Policy has announced the General Motors has joined the United States Climate Action Partnership, becoming the first car-maker to join. USCAP is a collection of businesses and environmental groups that are lobbying the federal government to pass new rules requiring reductions in greenhouse gases. The group is wants to promote across the board reductions in emissions that tackle the problem in all industries. Among the other members of

All right, one more preview of the President's State of the Union speech before the thing actually happens. Yahoo is saying that the Decider is going to ask American's to "slash gasoline consumption by up to 20 percent by 2017." The two main ways this will happen is through increased ethanol use and higher fuel economy standards for passenger cars. Looks like I might get one thing I asked for a few weeks ago.

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