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As expected, VeraSun Energy and US BioEnergy, two large American ethanol producers, have become one. In fact, the just-merged company expects to be the largest producer of ethanol in the United States by the end of this year, producing 1.64 billion gallons of the car-liquor. The newly-formed company is called VeraSun Energy Corporation and holds claim to eleven functioning ethanol plants with five more in construction.

Pretty soon, the list of places that don't have a biofuel plant is going to be shorter than the list of places that do. This is overall a fairly good thing, but it makes keeping up with the biofuel plant news a constant job. Here is news of three new plants (or possible plants) that were announced in the last few days.

The biofuel sector has not totally succumbed fully to a world full of bland, inoffensive corporate names. I mean, at least there's still Panda Ethanol, Inc. Pandas don't have squat to do with ethanol, but at least it's a cute name. Not all biofuel companies think that cute is the brand identity they're going for, though, as evidenced by the new marketing joint venture announce Friday by CHS Inc and US BioEnergy: Provista Renewable Fuels Marketing.

On Thursday, US BioEnergy will open a new ethanol plant in Woodbury, Michigan. The Michigan plant will be able to produce 50 million gallons per year from 16 million bushels of corn. Right now, US BioEnergy Corporation operates two ethanol plants and has two additional ethanol plants under construction.