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It seems those Urban-Cabs we told you about last year aren't just handy for hauling tourists about "La Ville-Lumière." Apparently, once they are adorned with the famous FedEx logo, they transform into highly productive delivery machines. The global logistics giant has been testing two of the human-electric hybrids and, during the 11 week trial, they delivered over 2,400 documents and small parcels. With an average of 15 stops an hour, the vehicles, which employ a 250 watt motor to keep th

Can the vehicle above become a new icon of emission-free transportation in the City of Love? Perhaps, as Paris now has a small fleet of hybrid pedal rickshaws, similar to those in Rome and Valencia. The rickshaw service, called Urban-Cab, is defined as an "intermediate non-polluting solution between a bus and a taxi." The rickshaws operate on a route that passes along the Bastille, the Louvre, Place de la Concorde, Saint-Michel and Notre-Dame - basically where tourists want to go. The rickshaws