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Glasses could prevent motion sickness in self-driving cars

If a patent becomes reality, that is.

Roughly half of adults get queasy just by reading a book as a passenger.

Autonomous shuttles start this fall at University of Michigan

Two EVs will run along a route in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Researchers find a more effective way to test self-driving cars

A focus on the likelihood of crashes, injuries, and "conflict events."

Biofuels like ethanol could be worse than gasoline for the environment

The EPA hasn't released a study on ethanol or any other biofuel in years.

Know what happens when you assume? You make an ass out of you, me, and the federal government.

Michigan's unprecedented sixth-straight solar race win happened in the rain

U of M was the only team to finish American Solar Challenge because of the lack of sun.

Experience counts.

Automakers are offering more fuel-efficient cars than ever

Consumer organization says increases in gas mileage are proof CAFE standards are working.

Even with gas prices near their lowest point in more than a decade, Americans are still concerned about the fuel economy of their cars. More than 4 in 5 consumers say gas mileage will be an important consideration the next time they go shopping for a vehicle.

Researchers develop ice-repellent coating for windshields and more

This spray-on ice repellant developed at the University of Michigan could banish the scraper from your windshield.

US MPG levels plateauing after years of progress

How realistic is reaching the 2025 CAFE mandate now?

New-vehicle fuel economy has stayed about the same for the past two years.

Can old factory grounds be transformed into an autonomous hotbed?

Michigan Officials Envision 335-Acre Autonomous And Connected Car Testing Facility On Former GM Site

A national connected and autonomous vehicle testing facility is planned at the abandoned Willow Run powertrain factory. An independent trust has been tasked with cleaning the polluted old GM grounds. The 335-acre facility would be the largest of its kind.

Americans show waning interest in driver's licenses

University Of Michigan Study Finds Declines Across All Ages

A rising percentage of Americans are skipping the time-honored tradition of obtaining and holding a driver's license. Researchers from the University of Michigan found a decrease in the proportion of US citizens who hold licenses between 2011 and 2014.

Ford becomes first automaker to test self-driving car at Mcity

Company Values Repeatability Of Tests At University Of Michigan Facility

A self-driving car now inhabits a fake city. Ford announced Friday it has become the first automaker to test an autonomous vehicle on the roads of Mcity.

Self-driving cars in twice as many crashes, but ...

Michigan Researchers Find Autonomobiles Are Involved In More Frequent Crashes, Might Still Be Safer

Self-driving cars might be more accident prone than their conventional counterparts, but that's not necessarily their fault.

Sakti3 scooped up by Dyson for a cool $90 million

Vacuum-Cleaner Maker Broadens Technology Investment, May Reach Plug-In Vehicles

Solid-state lithium-ion technology from University of Michigan spin-off is the draw.

Today's US fleet fuel economy barely better than in 1923

A new study released this month from the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute found that the average fuel efficiency of America's fleet has only risen by 3.6 miles per gallon in the last 92 years.

U of M challenges Silicon Valley for automotive tech crown

Officials Hope Mcity's Opening Keeps Auto Jobs Entrenched

A fake city rising from the middle of a Midwestern college campus is more than a proving ground for autonomous and connected car technology expected to revolutionize American roads. It's a lynchpin in Michigan's strategy to stay economically relevant and prevent automotive technology jobs from being poached by Silicon Valley.

Diesels easily trump gas for total cost of ownership

A study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute finds diesels are much more economical to own over three to five years than gas models.

Don't get rid of the steering wheel just yet, Google

Motorists Have Concerns About Self-Driving Cars, Says University of Michigan Survey

Self-driving cars might dominate the roadways of tomorrow, but American motorists aren't ready for them today. A survey conducted by University of Michigan researchers found drivers are concerned about riding autonomous vehicles and that they're not ready to relinquish control.

University of Michigan will soon test autonomous, 3D-printed cars

Vehicles Produced By Local Motors Are Part of Ride-Sharing Research

The first time many Americans ride in a self-driving car, it probably won't be in a vehicle they own. It will be in one they hail with an app.

Flying is more efficient than driving

A recent study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute finds that planes are more efficient than cars by a wide margin. The gap between them isn't shrinking quickly, either.

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