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Arizona, Look Out: Autonomous Vehicles Are On The Way

The University of Arizona and Uber have announced a deal that will test self-driving cars in Tucson and will help build up better mapping software.

Readers who are familiar with hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains will already know what a capacitor is, but here is a brief explanation. A battery is a chemical means of storing electricity, while a capacitor is a mechanical means of storing electricity. Both can be recharged, and both can be discharged. One reason to choose a capacitor over a battery is that the mechanical capacitor can generally charge and discharge its electrical energy much more quickly than the chemical battery can. Al

The University of Arizona switched many of the vehicles in its fleet to E85 in August. Despite an unflattering test in Consumer Reports that shows E85 is less fuel efficient, university officials say they'll keep using the cleaner-burning mix. A university official said fuel economy is 10 percent less than with gasoline (which skeptics would challenge since most tests, including the CR review, reveal at least a 25 to 30 percent drop in fuel economy). A check of the Tucson prices showed E85 only

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