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How to Lubricate Your Car's U-Joints

The engine produces power to get your vehicle moving.

How to Replace a Worn-Out U-Joint

Your rear-wheel drive vehicle uses a rotating driveshaft to transfer torque (rotational force) from the transmission to the rear axle.

How Long Does a Universal Joint (U-Joint) Last?

For most rear wheel drive cars, a driveshaft is needed to ensure that the tires turn as they should.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Universal Joint (U-Joint)

Universal joints (“u-joints” for short) are components of the driveshaft assembly fitted to most rear-wheel drive trucks, four-wheel drive trucks and SUVs, or off-road vehicles.

How to Buy a Good Quality Universal Joint (U-joint)

The universal joint is an important part in your car, and it can be found at the end of the vehicle's propshaft.