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The Department of Energy has awarded a three deal to United Solar Ovonic to share costs and cooperate on low-cost photovoltaic solar systems that can be integrated into building construction. The biggest flaw of photovoltaics right now is cost vs efficiency ratio. Because of the cost of such systems, it takes most people a long time to save enough on energy costs to cover the expense. United Solar Ovonic will get $4.6 million in government funding during the first year. If the project milestones

During the recent National Governors Association Conference in Traverse City, Michigan, several of the governors participated in the construction of a Habitat for Humanity home. What made this one worthy of mention here is that the construction included the installation of a new UNI-SOLAR residential solar system. The UNI-SOLAR is produced by United Solar Ovonic and is being to be low cost and easy to install. The system is designed to be integrated as both a power generation and roofing system.

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