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Dubai hopes to launch self-flying drone taxi service this summer

Why have self-driving cars, when you can have self-flying cars?

Tesla vs camels: Showdown in the desert

The tight grip that camels have traditionally held on oil-free driving in the sandy lands of the United Arab Emirates may be loosening. Although those iconic ships-of-the-desert have long held sway for those who did not want to be beholden to oil companies, vehicles from Tesla Motors may soon begin impinging on their turf. Not only is Tesla in talks to supply sedans to act as beasts of bu

VIDEO: We wonder if this voids the warranty

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Only in Dubai: Corvette fire fighter

Dubai is fast gaining a reputation as the "Vegas of the Middle East" because of its impressive rate of development and sometimes crazy amounts of money thrown at government projects.

Inventor in the U.A.E creates a 2 passenger solar vehicle

We are getting pretty used to seeing DIY electric cars on these pages, but not too many DIY solar electric cars. But, that is exactly what one man in the United Arab Emirates did. Saqr Bin Saif's creation seats two people in a reclined position and tops out at about 50 kilometers per hour, which is about 30 miles per hour. The vehicle was built in three months, after about four months worth of

Car service in less than an hour?

Here's a policy we'd like to see made standard across every border.