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Chrysler repays last of TARP loans six years ahead of schedule

Chrysler has taken the final step towards freedom from Uncle Sam by paying off the rest of its government loans. USA Today reports that Chrysler and Fiat paid the Treasury Department $500 million for 98,461 shares and $60 million for shares from a pact with the United Auto Workers' VEBA retirement trust.

PSA: IRS lowers mileage deduction for 2010 - will you owe more in taxes?

When gas prices rose in 2008, one of the few bits of good news was that the federal government was bumping up the business mileage deduction to 55 cents per mile. Now that gas prices have stabilized in 2009, the Internal Revenue Service has reportedly decided to cut back on some of its generosity. According to Wallet Pop, the new per mile rate is 50 cents, a nine percent decline from a year ago. The decrease will likely do little to the casual business traveler, but high mileage sales types and

FoMoCo sues feds for $445m in overpaid taxes

The idea of having Uncle Sam come after you for back taxes is an unpleasant thought for any American. It's another story altogether when the feds are the ones doling out the Benjamins, though, as Ford is learning. The Blue Oval is officially suing the government for $445 million in overpaid taxes between 1983 and 1989 and again from 1992 to 1994. Ford wasn't overly excited about filing a lawsuit against the IRS, but due to the overwhelming amount of money involved and the fact that Ford

Uncle Sam wants YOU...to pull over

The Orange County (FL) sheriff's department has cranked up its traffic enforcement efforts for the 4th of July week, and it's having a little fun along the way. A deputy dressed in full Uncle Sam regalia stood at an undisclosed location Monday (local6.com wouldn't reveal the specific whereabouts) zapping speeders with his radar gun as a team of motorcycle cops pulled the unlucky motorists over and handed out tickets. According to Local6.com, 275 citations were handed out Monday, with fines set a