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Car ownership could decline thanks to Uber and Lyft

A new study found a significant change in behavior when the services left Austin last year.

It grows when those services disappear.

Has motorization in the US peaked?

Better Fuel Efficiency, More E-Commerce Has Cut Refueling Expenses

US percentage of GDP spent on gas has plunged since the 1970s as driving mileage has fallen.

Automotive experts predict fuel prices and mileage standards through 2020

Here are the numbers generated by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute's Automotive Analysis Division survey of automotive experts:

University of Michigan study: fuel-efficiency equals profits

It's no secret that the Big 3 are collectively suffering due short-sightedness in fuel-efficiency. However, a new study by the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) attempts to quantify near-future gains and losses if the domestic auto makers were to make proactive efforts to maximize fuel-efficiency fleet-wide.