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Underwriters Laboratory releases white paper on li-ion battery safety

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a world leader in safety-related testing and certification, released its first in a series of white papers focused specifically on evolving battery technology. The white paper, entitled Safety Issues for Lithium-Ion Batteries, explores the potential dangers of high-tech batteries. More specifically, the UL's position paper discusses the probable causes of lithium-ion battery failures and suggests new types of tests that will help manufacturers design an

Unseen benefit: Underwriters Laboratories working on standards for electric car batteries

While no one will mandate that the new Underwriters Laboratories 2580 standard be applied to all advanced electric vehicle batteries, the fact that there will soon be a UL listing for "large batteries in electric vehicles" is a good thing. UL's unsurprising focus on the standard will be to "help mitigate the potential risk of fire and electrical hazards and enhance the overall safety of batteries for electric vehicles." UL said in a press release that the upcoming increase in EVs increases the "

Underwriters Lab holdup means some MINI Es will take all day to charge

With MINI Es finally being delivered to the 450 test drivers in New York and California, a problem has cropped up that will limit the ability of many of those people to actually use the car. When MINI USA was taking applications for leases on the new EV, among the requirements were a garage with 220V electrical service. This was necessary in order to be able to charge the 35 kWh battery in four hours. When the

UL changes tune, will allow E15 in UL87 pumps

Earlier this month, it was reported that Underwriters Laboratories had not yet approved gas dispensing pumps that were labeled with the UL87 certification to carry concentrations of ethanol higher than 10 percent. Meanwhile, many states in the corn belt were considering bumping the current E10 standard up to E15, which is a blend of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline. Sinc